Folder Size Explorer - Free Windows Explorer with folder sizes.

Folder Size is a freeware tool that will scan and list folder sizes on your computer, print folder sizes or print files list.

Supported OS: Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 98 including x86 and x64 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.

Supported server OS: Windows Server 2003 / Home Server / Server 2008 / EBS 2008 / HPC Server 2008 / Server 2008 R2 / Home Server 2011 / Server 2012 / MultiPoint Server / Small Business Server

Folder Size
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Organizing the data in your system can be a real pain in the long run. Data tends to get accumulated in every system, regardless of the type of use that it is put to. And users almost always ignore the steady accumulation and fail to organize it in due time. This leads to an overflow of data, which ultimately leads to a crisis.

For the ones among you who can relate to this, Folder Size is the right software for you. Folder Size is a freeware, its superb simplicity will make you fall in love with the software.

Folder Size analyzes your hard drives space and checks your files and folders and displays exactly how much space each file and folder is occupying.

Folder Size
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This application hardly occupies any space on the hard drive, it is really compact, fast and also very efficient.
The application displays how much space each file and folder is occupying exactly, on top of this, the application also displays the total percentage of the disk space the files and folders occupy, so it shows the amount of disk space it is occupying and also the percentage.

It displays a report which shows the files and folders which occupy the maximum space first and the ones which occupy lesser space after that, it basically displays them in descending order, starting from the maximum.

When the report is shown, you can easily see which folders are occupying the maximum space as Folder Size also scans the sub folders, yet another bonus that is sure to leave you gaping in awe.

Folder Size scans your entire hard drive in just a few minutes due to its optimized scan algorithms, it also has the another feature, which is its progressive scan which lets you continue the scan right from the point of interruption.
This application is not feature rich, but really simple and displays your hard disk space in the Windows Explorer. Folder Size is a software which is really easy to use.

Folder Size
Download Folder Size

In order to save time, you can also scan particular folders instead of the entire hard drive. Folder Size also keeps a track of which folders you view and scan in the background of the Windows Explorer. It is very useful in the disk cleanup process.

Once you get used to having all the directory sizes and other information there, a directory listing looks very incomplete and odd without it. The application comes with options for deleting specific files and folders, and also listing the various folders present in a very comprehensive way. It also has charting options, something that cannot be found in any other software.